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Camarones a la Diabla

Prawns sauteed with onions and mushrooms in a red sauce. $13.95

Camarones Mojo de Ajo

Prawns sauteed in garlic butter with onions and mushrooms. $13.95

Marisco EL Sol

Prawns, octopus, scallops sauteed with mushrooms, red and green peppers. $14.95

Arroz con Camarones

Prawns sauteed with mushrooms and onions in a red sauce. Served over a bed of rice and cheese. Not served with beans. $13.95

Pulp Mojo de Ajo

Octopus sauteed in garlic butter with onions and mushrooms. $13.95

Fish Tacos

Three soft tacos stuffed with breaded cod fish, Mexican cole slaw and pico de gallo. Ranch on the side. $13.95

Chimichanga costa Azul

Flour tortilla stuffed with onions, tomatoes, scallops, crab and baby shrimp, then deep fried. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sauce, guacamole and sour cream. $13.95

Camarones a la Tampiqueña

Prawns sauteed with onions, mushrooms and bacon in a delicious red sauce. $13.95

Camarones a la Crema

Prawns sauteed with onions and tomatoes, creamy parmesan cheese sauce. $13.95

Pescado Frito

Fried tilapia fish served with pico de gallo and green salad. $14.95

Seafood Enchilada

Choice of baby shrimp, crab or rock shrimp sauteed with onion and tomatoes, topped with red sauce, melted cheese and avocado slices. $13.75

*Prices subject to change.