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Camarones Acapulco

Deep fried prawns wrapped with bacon. Served over a bed of mushrooms, zucchini and carrots. Topped with cheese and served with pico de gallo. $13.95

Platillo Jalisco

Your choice of chicken breast, tri-tip beef and pork loin. Sauteed with mushrooms, onions and green peppers in special green sauce. $13.25

Platillo Mexicano

Carne asada, chicken taquito, chile relleno and enchilada. $15.75

Enchiladas El Sol

Three authentic enchiladas stuffed with your choice of cheese, chicken, ground beef or shredded pork. Garnished with Mexican cole slaw, tomatoes, parmesan and sour cream. $13.95

Bernardo's Favorite

Prawns sauteed with mixed vegetables, broiled marinated chicken breast and your choice of enchilada, tamale or chile relleno. $16.75

Mar, Ciello and Teirra

Chicken breast, skirt steak and sauteed prawns with mushrooms and onions. $17.25

Los 3 Chiles

Chile verde, chile colorado and chile relleno. $15.75

Fish Enchiladas

Two corn tortillas stuffed with tilapia fish, onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Topped with your choice of creamy parmesan sauce, verde or original. $12.75

*Prices subject to change.